Shoe care – Project TWLV

Shoe care

Advice on how to take extra care of your boots to ensure they last longer.

Our boots should always be worn in dry conditions for the first few times, this hardens the sole and gives a rougher finish that helps to keep out water.

  • If your boots get wet, allow them time to dry naturally. For leather boots, once are completely dry, apply a few application of a cream shoe polish to restore their shine.
  • Use a good quality shoe polish, we recommend beeswax, to help maintain the moisture levels and appearance of your leather boots.
  • Before polishing your boots ensure they are dry and wipe them over with a dry cloth to remove surface dirt.
  • Using wooden shoetrees will maintain the shape of the boots and help absorb internal moisture.
  • Never use liquid polish applicators on fine leather boots as they can contain chemicals that destroy natural leather.
  • Use a proper brush to remove marks from Suede leather.